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Comprehensive Tire Service

Car Bumper - Tire Service

Ensure your vehicle rides smoothly and maintains proper traction with tire service from Chris' Auto Repair Shop, LLC, in Westbrook, Connecticut. Rely on us to ensure your tires last as long as they should, or that a flat tire doesn’t end your road trip.

New Tires

As they are the only part of your vehicle to touch the road, the value of your tires is immeasurable. Your tires need to be dependable and give you more control in sometimes-unpredictable circumstances. This is why we are proud to offer durable, high-quality new tires from Cooper.

Tire Maintenance & Repair

Make sure the most important parts of your vehicle receive the attention they deserve. Because proper maintenance is necessary, we provide services such as tire rotation, high-speed computerized balancing, and front-end work. If one of your tires has a leak, come by and have us perform a flat tire repair.

Call us for tire service that assures the continued safe operation of your vehicle.